The tale of the Prawns @BarefootResort

I’ll knock at your door And hope that you answer it I’ll wait till you see the smoke from my burning regrets Slowly travel through the little crevices around your door I’ll wait till you hear my loud cries Even though they reach you as faint whispers   I’ll wait for you to pass your…

The tale of the prawn curry at Anju Coco, Havelock Island

The day hangry little Berty Bubblehood bumped into the guy she loved, she knew this was not it. She looked at him and thought, “This is not the guy I dreamed about.” Fair enough. He wasn’t as tall. He didn’t have the perfect set of teeth. He didn’t have an enchanting smile. No. Nah. NEVER….

The tale of the grilled tuna at Full Moon Cafe, Havelock Island

A pensive silence hung around, making the very air around him heavy with discomfort. He looked transfixed into his phone. A memory came flooding back to his mind. It was him at his mother’s funeral. He sat there, thinking about how painful it was. He gulped at his saliva and continued looking at his phone….