Tale of Mac n Cheese

Tale teller: Simran Ramsay

Tale of mac n cheese
Reyna’s week had been the epitome of eventfulness. Her work was too demanding, she had managed to garner a multitude of reasons to think that her best friend had moved on from their friendship and her boyfriend was studying in Boston, so she didn’t have it in her heart to bother him with what she thought was petty matters. But the truth was, she was having a hard time.

It was suffocating to feel alone. Music had started to feel like irrelevant noise, her bed had become harder to get out of, her conversations became shorter and her appetite had significantly reduced.

After a long and taxing day at work, Reyna came home looking forward to wrapping herself in her soft blanket and letting sleep wash away the damage of the day. As she walked towards her front door, the tempting smell of garlic and cheese wafted toward her making her empty stomach grumble loudly with hunger.

She unlocked her front door, thinking the neighbors must be enjoying a delicious dinner. Jealousy gnawed at her. But, when she entered her apartment, her expectations of being coldly greeted by a dark, empty living room were not fulfilled.

A warm smile, a familiar scent and her comfort meal, a sight she had been craving. Standing in front of her was Raj, her long-distance boyfriend who she had desperately tried to veil her problems from, but who had realized anyway. He engulfed her in a hug. As soon as she felt his arms wrap around her, she sobbed.

They sat across one another at the dining table with a steaming bowl of comfort. The creamy mac n cheese spread warmth across her. She felt the lethal combination of her favourite carbs and thick sauce garnished with chives bring up the feelings she was determined to keep hidden.

A long conversation and a delicious, fulfilling meal had left Reyna feeling more herself. She was feeling full, after a very long time but decided to take another plateful of cheesy goodness.

“Thank you for coming home,” she said to Raj
“I missed you,” he replied with a coy smile
“I did too, but I missed your mac n cheese more.”
she giggled, and he tickled her before embracing her again.

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