Tale of the hot toddy.

tale teller- Simran Ramsay

It had been a gruesome 5 months of crying, wallowing, and depreciating every aspect of her life. Nishtha had lost her confidant, her best friend and her only family- her mother to the big C. She’d cursed god, herself, her luck and every other person that entered her room in those five months. She’d estranged herself from all her friends and submerged herself in her Job. A distraction from the pain that heavied her shoulders and crushed her heart.

It was a chilly Friday evening when she felt a small tickle in her throat, ignoring it, she opened her laptop to the elaborate excel sheet she had to slog over for the next few hours.

“ugh, expense reports”, she sighed.

Halfway through, Nishtha had started sniffling and her head had started to throb slightly. She decided it was too risky to take a break, so she popped in a crocin and chased it with a glass of water. By the time she was done, Her slight headache had progressed into a severe migraine, her eyes were watering and she had sneezed at least a dozen times.

She couldn’t help but feel alone, couldn’t help but miss her mother’s care that was bestowed upon her every time she fell sick.

She decided to call her friend to cancel the plans that she was looking for an excuse to cancel anyway.

Nishtha: Hi I can’t make it today.
Diya: why? we’ve been looking forward to this plan!
Nishtha: I have a really bad cold, I’m so sorry.
Diya: I’ll be home in 15.
Nishtha: what?

The doorbell rang, and standing on the other side of the door, stood her friend a little flushed, probably because she’d rushed over with 2 steaming cups of hot toddies in her hand. She handed them over to Nishtha and settled on the couch. Nishtha just accepted this turn of events and slowly sipped on the hot toddy in her hand.

She didn’t realise it but this steaming blend of lemon, honey and her favourite whiskey was soothing the sore in her throat. She curled her fingers around the cup and breathed in the fragrant, potent steam. Each sip soothed her scratchy throat and slowed her sniffles.

The rich whiskey warmed her up completely, but also made her drowsy. She thankfully hugged her friend.

” This is just what I needed, how did you know?”

“I’ve known you for 11 years, I know what you need. Lion king?”

“yes please!”

They dimmed the lights and played a movie that always brought them laughter, she lay her head on her friend’s shoulders finally letting loose and allowing herself to be vulnerable. The familiarity of the warm drink and dialogue calmed Nishtha down. A small smile of gratitude and appreciation played on her lips. This was her home now. She snuggled next to her chosen family and fell asleep as they watched comfort televised. f

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