The tale of the seafood risotto @rubytuesday

She looked at it quizzically. The prawns were glistening. The fish looked moist. There was a creamy sauce enveloping it all. And her mouth… well it was watering involuntarily. She looked around. He had a fork and spoon in hand. But he looked unimpressed by what was in front of them. She on the other hand, couldn’t wait to plunge in. And so she did. A burst of flavours overtook her senses. Peppered with emotion.

This was the first time her face had lit up in months. “Finally. We’re having a meal together,” she said. He responded with absolutely no emotion. “Stop being so dramatic.”

She took another bite and said, “That’s not how you felt about me when we started dating 10 years ago.”

“Come on. We were kids back then. And I have lived here for the last 9 years. I have evolved as a person. Whereas you, are still the same.” He chuckled as he took another bite of the prawns. “And that’s why I love you. Come what may, you will always be the same.”

She looked down at her plate and then at him. “Are you even excited to have me here with you. In your city?”

“Drama again. Of course I am. I just don’t like to show how I feel all the time, okay. You know that.”

“No, I don’t. This is our first date night in 1 year. And you just can’t stop yawning.”

He muffled another yawn as she said that. “That’s not true. I’m just tired.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. At least the food is good. I’m going to ignore you and just enjoy it. You can now, talk to the hand.”

“I can’t believe you still say such things. We are not in college anymore, you know.” He guffawed loudly as he said this.

Just then, the drinks arrived. She ordered a rather fancy looking cocktail and he had his regular tequila with ice water. They sipped on it as they continued to argue over everything in the world.

And that’s when she felt something metallic touch her lips. She looked down at it incredulously. The shine of the diamond looked back up at her.

He smiled as she looked at him shocked.

He went down on one knee as he said, “Will you marry me?”

She ate the last prawn on the plate. Picked up her bag and walked away. And then she stopped.

She turned back to see his eyes on her. Crestfallen. “Why?” he mouthed.

She came back. Took the ring from him and put it on her finger.

“I love being dramatic, you see.”

He guffawed again and hugged her tight. “You scared me man.”

The restaurant burst into applause.


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