The tale of the sticky date pudding @PSCafe

“Your biggest win is your biggest loss.” He said as he paced up and down. There was a sudden madness in his eyes. A feeling of despair rose on the table with every step he took.

“This is not working out.” He said, as he sat across her at their favourite cafe.

“Okay. So what do you expect from me?”

“I expect nothing. Just some space. Why are you always so clingy?”

She bit into the ice cream as it ran along the sticky date pudding.

“Ok, you will get your space. Should we put an end to this then?”

He looked at her, shocked. She was taking it too lightly to be true.

Straining his eyes to convey his determination, he said at last, “Yes. I told you. Again, I need some space.”

It’s been 46 days since the day they last met. The lockdown came into effect the day they decided to part.

Only today does he realise the impact of his impulsiveness. So he picked up his phone to leave her a text. It said,

“You were my biggest win. Now, my biggest loss.

P.S. – I miss that sticky date pudding.”

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