The tale of the Kobe Sizzlers

I was born in a family that believed in dreaming big. Dad would say, “The world is your canvas.” Mom would concur with, “The world is too small. Think bigger.” We would sit by the dining table, learn a lesson on table manners, relish our meals. And then… think up a story, add some theatrics and spread some awe. TVs were too passé… we believed in live entertainment.

This happened every day. Slowly, I started day-dreaming of the things I could do with my life. One day, I wanted to be a teacher and spread the joy of knowledge in the world. The next day, I dreamt of donning a black overcoat that rustled behind every step I took, as I glided through the courts of Bombay.

But like everyone else, I had just one life and could fulfil just one dream. So I thought of maxing it out. I became a writer. I wrote for ad agencies, magazines, newspapers, social media, A-level bloggers, websites, brands… you name it. But never did I feel like I was writing for myself.

And then one day, I had this sizzling plate of charred chicken that you are seeing on this post. My life changed. The flavours simmered down my tongue, hitting me like a bolt of lightning. Bliss? This was it. I married my love for food with my love for stories. That’s when Tasting Tales was born.

And then, I lost myself to the world. Mom had said the world was too small, but she had forgotten to mention that it was also very mean. With every passing year, my passion died. With that, my love for myself died a little more.

On one side, you have a fire burning within you, waiting for you to realise your dreams. On the other side you have a burden of expectations, weighing heavily on your shoulders.

I was doing fairly well at my social responsibilities, but I wasn’t myself. And then, as I sat cooking up a storm of my thoughts, I replicated that sizzling plate of chicken shashlik that I had eaten years ago. Something clicked as I remembered the way I felt when I first thought of the idea of Tasting Tales… the feeling was magical.

I write stories for a living. Right now, I’m bent upon writing the story of my life, my way. And the next chapter… let’s just say it’s going to be nothing less than epic.



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