The tale of the fish balls @wahkee snacks

Put your hands together,

For the mockery of democracy.

You are in the midst of a show of a lifetime.

So brace yourself for the drama.

Hold onto your pot bellies,

And laugh your heart out.

And with that heart of yours,

Laugh out your good morales.

Just so that you leave no room for humanity,

Within the cage that once held your heart.

And know fully well,

That the mockery of democracy is no joke.

It’s a fishy business, that requires balls.

Balls to look at democracy in eye, and ridicule it.




How do you do it best?

You boil it in a simmering cauldron of hate.

And then, you eat it.

Gobble it up like a glutton.

And enjoy the spices,

As they burn through your system.

But don’t let that bother you at all.

Be glad that you’re feasting on a delicacy,

That shall one day go extinct.

But before that day arrives,

Murder it with your fork.

And feel it melt in your mouth.

The mockery of democracy,

Is a fishy business, after all.

One that requires balls.

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