The tale of the chinese order from Take Away Express

She sat listlessly. There was a storm of thoughts clouding her mind. As the page loaded on her MacBook, the storm in her head darkened. It was a thick smog of her parent’s expectations from her, competition from her besties and the answers to all the questions that were already coming pouring her way.

Today, she would finally know how she fared in her board exams: the most important exam of her life. Hypnotised by the loading sign, her trance broke as she heard a loud cry coming from her mother’s room. She felt her pulse thumping as she broke into the room and she heard them scream, “Congratulations!”.

It was set up with her favourite Indo-chinese food. Babycorn chilli, vegetables in hot garlic sauce, American chopsuey and gobhi manchurian. Her mouth watered as she saw her family sitting there with balloons in hand.

She looked at them in confusion, “Wait, but my result is not out yet.”

They laughed at her confusion as her parents hugged her tight. “The result is not as important as your attempt!” The pressure suddenly lifted off her. She hugged them back tight. She had passed at life with distinction — for having such a wonderful family.

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