The tale of the Grapefruit Gin & Tonic @liltmumbai

They looked at each other, stumped. There was an awkward silence weighing the air down. And all he did was stare. She met his eye, with a little bit of suspicion and some amount of concern. “No”, said she. Without giving him the chance to say a word.

“But I haven’t even said anything yet.”

“I know what’s on your mind.”


“It’s not rocket science. Besides, you’re forgetting we’ve been married for the last 37 years.”

“Oh My God. Today is our anniversary!! I thought it was just another dinner you wanted to have. Will you forgive me?”

“I said no already. This is the 17th time you have forgotten.”

“Well, it’s the 17th time I will make up for forgetting.”

By this time, the waiter had glided into the picture holding two glasses of a rather pretty looking drink.

She looked at it with a tear in her eye, wondering how he always forgot their anniversary. It required some amount of talent to forget a day this important and so incessantly too. She picked up the glass, lost in these thoughts. It was a special version of her favourite cocktail, the classic G&T with a hint of fresh, juicy grapefruits. One sip and she felt its freshness permeate through every cell of her body. And then, there was a glint of something at the bottom… It was a ring.

“It’s been 37 years. But I still remember the day you walked down the aisle. I still remember the time you proposed to me. And I still remember the day you gifted me our child.” He went down on a knee as he said, “Will you marry me again? I want to grow older with you.”

This time, she said yes.

He hadn’t forgotten after all.

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