The tale of the sweet soda lime

The tale of the sweet soda lime

Take some time off and think. What do you want to be in life? How would you like to introduce yourself when you grow up?

He sat there thinking, almost going cockeyed thinking of the possibilities. Chachu, I want to be a dog walker!

“Are you serious about this, young man? Let’s talk it out. What’s your reasoning behind this?”

“Errrr, to be honest I just like dogs and their paws. Actually I love them. They’re so fluffy and cute. And have you ever seen a doggie sneeze? I just want to hug it and sleep every night. And then walk it in the day.”

“I get it. Of course, they’re cute. Maybe you can become a vet then. That would be a good  job right? We are all doctors in the family. You could be a cute little doctor attending to your cute little patients.”

“Hmm, that’s cool, Chachu. No offence, But I still just want to be a dog walker. I think I’ll be good at it.”

Chachu suppressed a giggle looking at how determined he looked. He sipped on his vodka soda lime as he looked into the waves. A golden retriever swam in the sea. The boy was mesmerised with the way he played in the water.

“Do you want to try and walk him too?”

The boy looked at him, his eyes holding hope and happiness in equal measure. He ran towards the doggie and put his arms around his neck. Just then the dog raised his leg and a yellow-gold fountain came pouring out as he did so, showering him with his piss.

The boy looked disgusted, almost as if he didn’t know dogs could pee.

He came back looking grumpy and angry as Chachu pointed and laughed.

He stomped his feet and sat heavily on the sun-bed next to his chachu. He picked up his own soda lime and started sipping on it. Now, this is something he liked, he thought. Maybe more than dogs.

“I think I will just become a bartender. At least I won’t be peed on.”

For the rest of the day, he sipped on his virgin soda lime water, relishing every sip under the hot sun and refused to look at the dog who lurked around him, waiting to be pet.

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  1. Xx.9994 says:

    really love this !!


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