The tale of the cheesy siblings @wine rack

As she stood with her husband exchanging rings the brother looked on.

They suddenly asked him to give a toast to the now husband and wife.

He walked uncomfortably. He wasn’t that great at giving speeches but nonetheless he went and stood. He cleared his voice and stared at the hundreds who’d gathered around to witness the moment.

He said

‘It was September 1990

When you got out of the womb

And took over my room,



Your land grabbing skills

Were out in the open as soon as you arrived on Earth

With drippy nose

And loud cries

From that moment on

There has been a lot of sharing

And though the quintessential phrase went ‘sharing is caring’

I remember having wwe style wrestling matches

With you…

Choke slams


And stunners

Before anything was shared at all…

I also ate your favourite cheese platter at the speed of light

Before you got to touch it


And that you were a girl hardly made a difference

Cause your capabilities in martial arts

Could get any guy beat up

Fairly quickly

Husband dearest take note!

Yet let me tell you this…

Despite all those attempts to murder me

We’ve shared a lot

And today we share this moment

So how about we share this.’

He picked up a delicious platter of assorted cheese and handed it over to her.

She took a bite

He took a bite.

“This is enough cheese for a lifetime,” he said. And the tears rolled down both their cheeks.

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