The tale of the ice creams outside Platinum Mall, Bangkok

We are the sum of our mistakes. She wrote this down in her tiny diary. It was nothing but a reminder to her that nobody was perfect. Today, she had snapped at her mother, snubbed her uber driver when he greeted her pleasantly, screamed at her junior in office and howled at her boyfriend when he called to check on her. But the point of writing it down was to realise, that these were the mistakes she had committed.

She looked down at her diary and felt a knot in her throat. Her pmsy day was finally coming to an end. Shamefaced and sour, she thought, “Why am I such a bitch?”

But the day wasn’t over and she had to redeem herself. Getting out into the streets, she looked around. “DOES ANYBODY NEED SAVING?” She screamed. A dog barked back at her from a distance. It was almost like he was asking her to shut up. Her shoulders drooped in submission as she whimpered, “Oops. I guess not.” Today was just not her day.

Her feet took her to an ice cream truck parked in the distance. She hadn’t indulged in a while. But this treacherous day wasn’t over. There was still time for another sin.

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