The tale of the turnip cake @Keiba

“Hold the door for her. When she can’t help smiling to herself as you display your chivalry, look into her eyes and show her that you care. The times have changed, my boy, but a woman will always care for these little things. Wear a nice crisp shirt. And don’t forget to spray some perfume on. Don’t try too hard to be funny. Yes, humour is very well appreciated, but those charity laughs that she obliges you with… well they will harm more than help. Walk her to her door. Kiss her forehead. And leave her a message saying you had a great time, just after you’ve dropped her home.”

“Easy! I’m gonna own this date Nani. This is basic… I mean I knew these things already.” he said with a voice which meant nothing like owning the date.

“You sound petrified.” she said with a laugh that nani’s usually have.

“I am shitting my pants to be true”

“Where are you going to take her?”

“To Keiba… It is super romantic. Every plate has an orchid, every table is like dining in the midst of cherry blossoms.”

“I know the place.”

“You’ve been there? When?”

“A week ago. On a date, with a man that I’ve been dating for over  forty five years.”

“Really? That is a lot of experience in dating. So now let me remember the rules… I have to open the door, leave her a message saying I had a great time, kiss her forehead… anything else?”

“Order the Turnip cake. She will fall in love with you. ”

“What if it doesn’t work Nani?”

“If that doesn’t work. Find another date. But don’t leave the damned turnip cake. In fact, pack some for me. I promise to love you a little more!”

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