The tale of the modak

She watched her dad as he stood looking at a photo frame in hand. With every passing year, the wound crept deeper. It gorged on his heart as he chanced upon this picture of him with his younger brother. Back in the day, they were a strong team. Always ready to take on the day with their mischief, cricket practices, wrestling sessions, swimming lessons and movie marathons with dad. But that just seemed like a lifetime ago. Things had gotten bitter with every passing year. The last time they spoke, it turned into an unnerving fist fight.

She remembered that wretched day. Her father lost his trust and his best friend for life, all in a moment. He had come home to sleepless nights and a constant ache in his heart. His resounding laughter stopped echoing in the house. For 20 years of his life, he had spent the Ganpati festival visiting the idol at his younger brother’s house. After this fight, the younger brother had closed the doors to his house and the God they both fervently believed in. But her father was not going to let his brother deny him this right.

This year, after 25 years of waiting, he decided to bring the idol to his house, resplendent in all its glory. He kept the main door wide open, in order to welcome his guests. And through all the smiles and laughter, she saw her father’s eye darting every now and then to the door, searching for someone. But he desperate search was met with sheer disappointment. His brother didn’t come, nor did his children.

“He’s not coming daddy. Don’t be foolish,” She said, as she stomped towards the door to shut it tight. But as she did that, something came in the way. There was a parcel kept by the door with her father’s favourite chocolate modaks and an envelope. Intrigued, she read out the contents of the letter. It was a wedding invitation to her cousin brother’s wedding. Her father didn’t speak a word as she read out the contents of the invitation. He picked up the chocolate modak and savoured it, eyes shut. It had helped him unload 25 years worth of pain. The wound was finally healing. 

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