The tale of the Pad Thai @Cafe69

She pulled on the luscious strands of flat noodles as a million thoughts fluttered in her head, It had to be a real story. They always had a way of connecting with the audience. And then suddenly an idea started taking a concrete form in her head. She had been just an ordinary kid. A fat one. Like a really fat one. And there was nothing special about her. She always left her house with earphones on. Thank God for her walkman. It saved her from listening to random comments, giggles, and a whole lot of bull shit flung at her every time she hit the streets. “The world was full of bullies, but you’ve got to look them straight in the eye and laugh. Laugh with them while they laugh at you. And you’ll be just fine.” This was her mother’s advice to her. She said the same words over and over again. And she knew it was the worst advice she had ever received. How would her mother know how it felt to be mocked every single day of your existence. She made light of it, while her daughter cried herself to sleep every night. She made her a home recipe of Pad Thai and said, “This is worth the calories. Just chill and eat. There’s more to be merry about when you don’t focus on mourning.”

Cut. Fast forward. She was now on stage ranting non-stop with a mic in hand. The spotlight right on top of her.

“What sort of human being thought like that? I mean hello! Your daughter is being harassed and you’re feeding her maida? Any other mother would be like—eat carrots for the rest of your life. But mine… she feeds me the world’s most amazing Pad Thai and expects me to enjoy the meal instead of scaring me into thinking that I’ll never find a nice boy with a good job! That day I decided to put on this IDGAF attitude of mine that makes me so irresistible. And you got conned into attending this gig. I’m fat AF and I don’t give a shit.”

The hall erupted with a deafening uproar. The random people who once screwed with her head were now applauding her. She was still quite fat. But she had learned to laugh at herself.

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