The tale of the Green Tea Martini @Theory

There was always a theory for everything. And the one she was looking for — was currently muddling her head up successfully. It was the case of The Missing Solitaire, the one that was splashed across the headlines of every newspaper.

Taking a swig off her fragrant Green Tea Martini, she waited for her date to arrive. But she valued every second, so she mulled the facts over and over in her head. The diamond was supposed to be second largest the world had ever seen, second only to the Kohinoor. But this one was a little more special. It was infused with the power of happiness. Anyone who wore it close to their heart, saw life in a new light. One that was deflected through the walls of the diamond. It was a stone full of the best things that life could offer, but it had drawn blood too — for those who were overtaken by greed, obsession and ambition had fallen in the feat of achieving it. By now, the vodka had started to play the role of the diamond, a happy tipsy feeling creeped up on her as she mulled over the details further.

Just then, her date arrived. But he sat there on one knee, looking at her with a twinkle in his eye. She smiled at him, her senses slowed down by the intoxicating concoction and her heart raced with the mere thought of him on one knee. And he said, will you marry me? The box opened with a click, and a large diamond sat at the centre of it, staring back at her with pride. She looked at it, widening her eyes and her mind raced in a different direction altogether. The diamond looked almost as bright and big as the The Missing Solitaire. And an unexplainable feeling of happiness was creeping up on her too. Was her fiancé going to be the culprit she’s been meaning to catch?

But then again, this was just a theory. For all you know, the drink(s) were just too strong for her to concentrate now. And this moment, it was too good to be true.

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