The tale of the Tempura Prawn Roll @Flea Bazaar Café

Merci Macklemore stepped out into the world 24 years after they finished experimenting on his brain. He was a grown-up kid with the looks of a Greek God. The girls swooned over him as he passed by in his ill fitting jeans, a ragged tee. He smiled back, used to all the attention. After all, he was always under observation in the labs. But the world, it mesmerised him. The trees. The birds. The traffic signals. And so many people. Many of whom had scowls on their faces. He wondered what was wrong with them. But if there was something that really made his day, it was the blinking neon lights on the facade of a building. He made his way to the interiors of this place, it was called a restaurant. And as soon as he entered it, he felt his jaw drop to the floor. He had never experienced this kind of energy in his entire existence. From the display of colours to hangings to a weird bodily move that complicated the booming sound in the place—he LOVED this place. Merci couldn’t believe how beautiful this world was, and for how long it had been kept away from him.

And as he marvelled upon these man-made creations, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Someone stood beside him with a plate of inviting Prawn Tempura Rolls. He looked at it with curiosity, but an innate desire in him told him that he wanted to eat this thing. He thanked the shoulder-tapper without looking him in the eye and dug into the rice covered rolls. His eyes popped wide open as the juices from the prawns exploded in his mouth. He relished the out-of-the-world kind of experience. He had never eaten anything like this before. And then suddenly, there was a flash. The shoulder-tapper had clicked a selfie. “Aren’t you that method actor who lost his mind to the role he was playing? Don’t worry bud, the sushi is on me. This selfie is gonna make me some cash.”



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  1. Haha that was unexpected!😂


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