The tale of the Holla Nutella and Red Riding Hood pancakes @99_pancakes

“With every passing day, my life got a little more bitter. I was born with an innocence that believed in the world. I put my faith into things and people. And watched them break and drift away—crushing my heart every time I watched them go. I was told that I am facing the hardships of life only so that they make me stronger. But that was a lie that every one told themselves. I shattered into more pieces every time something or someone significant to me broke my trust. But I pieced my heart together and stuck it with glue. I looked whole and healthy from the outside. But on the inside, I was crumbling. Whenever I did feel this way, I drove away my misery with a fluffy pancake. Full of melt-in-your-mouth goodness and a lovely velvety texture. Dipped in Nutella—the sweet sticky glue that bound my heart together. And then I thought, life wasn’t that hard and I got on with it. Just like that. And I’m sure you will to. The moral of the story is—let your heart break. It’s the way of life. But find the glue to hold it together. I found mine. And I’m sure, so will you.”

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  1. Nutella..
    God how am I gonna control my cravings now?😂


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