The tale of the onion rings @woodsideinn

There she sat. Dressed in white, ripped jeans. And a wonky smile. There was nothing pretty about that smile. But it drew him in completely. He stared at her shamelessly as she bit into a crisp onion ring. She seasoned her perfectly shaped lips as she took a bite. The lovely sound of her crunching into every piece melted his heart. And he just couldn’t get his eyes off her. So he continued to stare. Point blank. She caught him time and again, but surprisingly she didn’t mind the attention. She looked him straight in the eye. And they started their unspoken staring contest. She knew him from somewhere, but the face masked the memory that she had pushed deep into the scaffolds of her brain, and was unable to retrieve it now. There was something frightening about his cold hazelnut eyes. And then it all came back to her. Like a flash. Back in school, he was her lab partner. A scrawny little guy with an unhealthy infatuation for her. Everywhere she went, she found him staring. In the canteen. Under the banyan tree. In the stairways. During assembly. Sports days. Parent teacher meetings. You name it, and he would be there. His cold eyes, gave her a chill as she remembered those days. And as he saw her face turn a shade of crimson, he knew that she remembered. But this time around, he got up confidently from the chair and walked up-to her table. Without asking her if he could join, he sat opposite her. And stared. “What do you want?” She managed to croak, through gritted teeth. “I hunted you down. I have wanted to talk to you all my life. I never managed to do it while we were in school. But I had to get over my scrawny, under-confident ways. You were a popular girl. And I was a nobody. I never forgot you. But today I had to change that. I wanted to forget you forever so I decided to find you. And most importantly, I wanted to invite you for my wedding. Here’s the card.” She blinked at him unbelievably. Then she smiled. Suddenly she saw the scrawny little stalker turn into an interesting young man. He took a piece of the onion rings as he left her feeling spellbound. And speechless.

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