The tale of the Vienna Lager and Paprika Lamb Burger @GatewayTaproom

Every single day, he walked into the same taproom. Sat on the same table. And lost himself to his daydreams. He wiped the frothy beer off the corners of his mouth and smiled. The chilled golden elixir made it to a warm fuzzy place somewhere close to the bottom of his heart. “Vienna!” He said, and smiled dreamily. If the beer tasted this good, how beautiful would the place be? It made him crave for more. And he started drawing his imaginings on a tissue paper every time he came to this place. The craft beer was slowly but surely shaping his dreams—one that reflected in his art. He drew monuments, cobbled streets and beer glasses. He drew lakeside soirées and starry nights. And every time he finished his tissue art, he sighed and took a swig off his toasty malty beer. A bite of the juicy minced lamb burger was perfect to complement the light lager. The hearty meal became a ritual. On seeing him enter the taproom, his order was placed. He often joked with the waiters, telling them stories and introducing them to his family through pictures on his phone. They loved him and his little quirks. And he sure did love his beer. But then, he vanished. It was almost like he dissolved in thin air. Even when the brewery was flooded with people, it felt empty. The waiters mourned the absence of their dear friend. Until one fine day, many months later, a beautiful woman walked through the doors. She held a stack of tissue papers in her hand. The waiters recognised her and the stack instantly. She placed the stack on the bar and said, “My grandfather willed these to you.” They looked at the intricate sketches on the tissues as a tear moistened her eye. She left, wondering what they would do with this. It was just a stack of scribbled tissues. Months went by, but the worry of the tissues churned in her mind like rancid butter. She hated the thought of them disregarding her grandfather’s passion. So, she went back to the taproom. As she sat at his favourite table, a waiter came by to take her order. She ordered the Vienna together with the paprika lamb burger. But then, something caught her eye. Her grandfather’s art had been printed on each and every tissue paper in the taproom. She smiled wide and kept one of them in her purse. That day, the taproom earned the loyalty of yet another affable customer. And she took her grandfather’s legacy forward.

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