The tale of the badam lotus @TheAnantaUdaipur

The starry night poured its twinkling brilliance into her soul, every time she looked up at the sky. A gentle breeze flirted with her saree. And the dewy green blades of grass crunched under her wedges as she walked down the beautifully manicured lawns at her friend’s wedding.

To another girl, the beautiful setting would be like living a dream. But she was divorced. And her ex husband was lurking around somewhere in the crowd—making this picturesque backdrop a beautiful disguise for a nightmare. Every time he would pass by, the air itself felt heavier. She felt his gaze follow her, wherever she went. And the memories of the past year came flooding back to moisten her eyes. Marriage wasn’t for everyone, she said every time someone asked her why it didn’t last. But she had taken an oath keep his secret, forever. She owed him that much—after all, they had been best friends for seven years before they decided to get married. Having no appetite for the delicious Rajasthani spread, she decided to indulge in the desserts. Just then a waiter walked upto her with a badam lotus. It was like a work of art. The intricate lotus had been crafted with traditional Indian sweets made with the richness of almonds. She marvelled upon the handcrafted sweet. It was too pretty to be eaten. That’s when she realised that the waiter was waiting to hand over a note that came with it. It read—I have come out of the closet. I’m sorry for whatever you had to go through because of me. Here’s to some sweet beginnings…

His secret was finally out. She saw him at a distance, as he raised a toast pointing in her direction… And he smiled—the same dimpled smile that she was still in love with. Sensing her blood rush to her face, she smiled back. And she raised the flower as a toast to the never ending questions that were raised over their marriage—and the answers that he was finally going to give the world. She looked at her lotus and thought—they always grow in the muddy waters. This one had taken far too long to challenge a regressive society’s mindset, nevertheless—it had bloomed.

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