The tale of the frozen yogurt @yole

“I am struggling. I have a million stories to tell. But today, I have none. I’m trying to come up with something that you’d love to read, but in the process I’m writing tales that I wouldn’t want to read myself. For a writer, that’s claustrophobia. There are words trapped in my mind. And they’re waiting to find the light of day. But they’re marinating somewhere in the folds of my brain and refusing to leave. I am finally facing a block. And I don’t know what to do.”

She poured her heart out onto the piece of paper that was supposed to carry her story for the column in The Daily. As she sat there, penning down her rancid thoughts, the ink in her pen dried up. Frustrated, she flung the pen across the hallway. And started tapping her fingers on the wooden table. The thoughts of “Am I good enough?” And “I have no discipline” started creeping into her mind with every passing second. Frustrated with this turmoil that wrecked her mind, she decided to go for a run. The beauteous streets of Singapore soothed her mind the minute she stepped out.

Just then she saw a familiar face. Her heart beat doubled as she set eyes on him. And before she knew it, her feet dragged her onto his trail. She saw him enter the famous Marina Bay Sands mall. And as she crept closer, she saw him join another woman. He hugged her affectionately and sat hand in hand with her. Unable to contain her emotions, she walked towards them only to shock him with her presence. He was just about to feed the woman a spoon full of frozen yogurt with a melange of delicious toppings. “Papa!” She screamed. He looked at her with pain in his eyes and said, “It’s not what it seems like.” Her heart froze when she saw the woman accompanying him. It was her mother’s sister.

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