The tale of the golden snitch @henpeckedmumbai

She sat at the table with a swollen lip. She had bitten it too hard this time in an attempt to display her anger. Her mother, sat across her, with crossed arms and a furrowed brow. She looked down at the not-so-interesting table mat feigning great interest—in order to avoid her mother’s penetrating gaze. But every time she looked up, she found a little bit of pain in her eyes. And the worm of regret squirmed in the pit of her stomach. She had thrown a tantrum and was now beginning to feel the guilt. But now, she had to gather her guts and apologise for it. At first, the words tumbled out in gibberish. “Amsryma,” she said. Pat came the reply from the other side of the table, “What? Louder. Clearer.” Taking a deep breath, she said again, “I am sorry Ma.” The mother’s face broke into a lopsided grin. And slowly the burden of regrets lifted from her shoulders. She smiled a little too. But then she realised Ma wasn’t smiling in her direction. Just when she turned to look for the cause of her mother’s amusement, she saw two glittering wings apparate on the table. Her jaw dropped in shock. It was her eleventh birthday. And as heart breaking as it was, she hadn’t received her acceptance letter. Crestfallen, she had turned the house upside down to find her streak of magic. The last thing she wanted to be was a squib. But there sat the golden snitch. With its raspberry mousse and chocolate truffle creameux—resplendent in its beauty. It was all her muggle mother could do to make her day. And just like that—she had “Exceeded Expectations”. That’s when she knew, that she was more than just a muggle. She was magic. The game was over. Her mother had won with 150 points.

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