The tale of the Prawns @BarefootResort

I’ll knock at your door

And hope that you answer it

I’ll wait till you see the smoke from my burning regrets

Slowly travel through the little crevices around your door

I’ll wait till you hear my loud cries

Even though they reach you as faint whispers


I’ll wait for you to pass your favourite restaurant

The one that we often visited together

I’ll wait till you order your favourite prawns

And watch the way your eyes water

As the rich spices and greasy butters flirt with your tastebuds

And think about me with fondness

Even if it’s just for a second

A slow guilt dissolving in the pit of your stomach

As you enjoy the meal without me


I’ll wait till the radio plays the song

That would play me on your mind

And I hope it brings a smile on your face

I’ll wait till I see your fingers

Seek me out, once again

I’ll wait for the day

When you commit yourself to me,

Once again.

And I promise to be less hard on you this time

I promise, it’ll all be fine this time


Until then,

I’ll knock at your door

I’ll hope you answer it

I’ll knock at your door

I’ll pray you answer it


—Yours truly, madly, deeply,

GM diet





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