The tale of the Cappuccino @Munjohresort

The tide had turned. The crabs were limping out of their hiding places. The corals were being washed down the shores yet again. The sandy beaches had emerged from the repleting waves. And a happy sparkle had spread across the ocean. Mr. and Mrs. Chalston were walking down the coastline, admiring the serene day. It seemed like an eternity ago when they had found each other, just here, on this spot. He was in love with the ocean. She was in love with him. He found somebody to talk to about his obsession with the marine world. And she found somebody to sip on a cup of hot coffee with—one that warmed her heart and gave her butterflies. But one fine day, he took the plunge. It was a dark evening, and the moon hadn’t tired of playing its tricks on the waters. It swung the waves back and forth and Mr. Chalston decided to swing with them. It was his greatest fascination. And then, he was swept away, without a warning. Since then, Mrs Chalston sits by the same beach, drinking the same coffee, every day. It breathes life into her memories—her biggest fascination—Mr Chalston. She sees him emerge from the ocean on every bright, sunny, happy day. And they walk by the coastline… hand in hand, having a heart-on-heart. Beyond life, beyond death.

Location Courtesy: Munjoh Resort

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