The tale of the tomato soup at The Spare Kitchen

He watched from the glass building looking down on the street. An inviting tomato soup with a generous piece of bread soaking in the tangy flavour sat on the table in front of him. Blue was the colour of the day. They went out in hordes, sporting it with identical blue hats. Banners in hand. A restlessness in their souls. And a determination in the eyes. They had succeeded to be orderly in their disruption. Why, you might ask? They were the men of today, of course. Overshadowed by their counterparts. “Is it fair to call them the fairer sex,” read one board. “Why don’t we celebrate men’s day?” Read another. He was one among them— a boisterous young man. Annoyed by constantly trying to prove his good side to the world of women, he clenched his teeth like an angry bulldog as he slurped up his soup and donned his own blue hat, making his way to the rally. In his anger, he noticed a homeless old woman on the streets watching the mob of men in blue hats. As one of the men noticed the woman, he ran towards her. She looked at him unflinching, waiting for him to approach her. She was in danger. He knew it. He ran to her rescue. But before the man could reach her, he tripped and fell. As a reflex action, she caught him just in time to break his fall. He looked at her sheepishly. She looked at him with a smile and said, “For the love of mankind.”

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