The tale of the takeaway @naturalicecream

Full stop. She hastily put the tiny, almost illegible dot on the paper, grinning from ear to ear and screaming in her head. Her eyes twinkled and teeth sparkled as she looked around animatedly. Her shiny pony swung happily from her strawberry shaped head, giving away her excitement in one glance. A little bit of drool meandered from her mouth, dripping onto her exam paper. But then the bell rang. She sprung from her seat and dived out of class. Water bottle around her neck and a neatly packed bag strapped onto her shoulders. “Papuuuuuuuuu! It’s over!!!!” She let out a high-pitched scream. And clumsily fell into her father’s arms. For the first two minutes they hugged each other like they would never let go. And he said, “You did well, beta. Let’s get you your exam ice cream.” Unable to contain herself, she breathed heavily as she stumbled on the streets, waiting to enter ice cream heaven. Watermelon, tender coconut, kala jamun, coffee. So many enticing flavours surrounded her. Looking at her expression, her father allowed her to choose all four flavours. Having had one already, she packed the rest to take home. Children laughed at her as she held her father’s hand, limping her way home. Frowning at her bullies, she felt her eyes moisten. But it wasn’t the result of the mockery. She saw a little girl sitting on the street, crying to herself. Tongue rolling out, she went to her and gave her one of her ice creams. The little street urchin sniffed and gratefully took the cup of ice cream, delighted at her luck… as her proud father saw his daughter give away her most precious treats with glee. That day she proved she was special—and nobody wondered why.

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