The tale of the Stuffed Elaichi Mushrooms @thebarkingdeerbrewpub

She stood at the entrance, waiting for a response. Moving her head from side to side, she gave them her ravishing smile, the one they loved. A bubble burst and she felt her pride wheeze out. She heard someone exclaim impatiently, “You’re blocking the way.” She looked back and murmured a hurried apology, fixed her eyes on the floor and dashed to the loo. Patting her face with some beauty powder, she smiled for herself in the mirror and then her eyes moistened. She was a nobody, a shadow of the superstar she once was. But then she stood straight up and raised her chin high. She was going to be the best shadow in the history of superstar shadows. So she walked out, confidence in her gait and a prominent blush on her cheek. She sat at her table, loving how the world had changed and ordered a plate of Stuffed Elaichi Mushrooms. The description was heavenly—Baked creamy mushrooms served with fresh fenugreek and pepper salad, drizzled with beer reduction. She sighed, waiting for it with anticipation, sipping on a beer, taking in the general chitter-chatter. And then it finally arrived. Her eyes twinkled as she dug her fork into the soft mushrooms. She sighed again, it was just a shadow of what a baked creamy mushroom should be. But that day, it was the best shadow ever. Just like her.

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