The tale of the spicy cottage cheese with crackling spinach @lemonleafmumbai

They made their way to the top floor. The place had a certain warmth to it. They sat there, not knowing what to say. Her eyes were as blue as the walls behind her. He looked into them and said, “We’re here, finally.” She looked back lovingly and said, “It’s taken 4 kids and a million years.” He held her wrinkled hands in his, “You have to wait for the good things in life right?” “I’ve waited all my life,” she said putting on the smile he loved. Just then the waiters adorned the table with scrumptious delights. She looked at the Raw Papaya Salad and the Spicy Cottage Cheese with Crackling Spinach being served. Nobody had taken their order but the table was filled with all the delicacies that she loved. A tear emerged from the ocean of her blue eyes and dropped on the table. “After all these years… You remember everything.” He took a spoonful of the soft cottage cheese and fed it to her. “After all this time… Will you marry me?” As the spicy cottage cheese melted in her mouth, she found her heart melt with it. His old eyes winked at her mischievously. “I finally found the courage. And I knew you couldn’t say no to this beauty,” he said pointing at the plate. She laughed heartily and kissed him. It felt like their first kiss in 1965. She said, Yes.

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