The tale of the spiced toddy @grandmamascafe

She woke up every morning and picked up the bundle of newspapers importantly. While the others started their day by directing their intense, business-like gaze on the front page, she started backwards—with the horoscopes. And every day, she felt the same thrill in discovering how her day would turn out to be. That piece of paper filled all the void in her life. It brimmed with hope and she feasted on its promises. She read between the lines and felt her soul smile: “Set out and achieve everything your heart desires. The universe is with you.”
So she set out, nursing her cough with the warmth of the spiced toddy at grandmamas cafe. She gazed at the door, waiting for the miracle to occur. Laughter. Chatter. And a whole lot of banter—The place was alive with conversations and smiling faces. This went on for a while until the lights dimmed and it was time to shut down. But her achievement was still waiting to be unlocked. As she walked out, lightheaded with the cough and toddy, she saw her miracle waiting outside for her. He took her in his arms and whispered in her ear, “You took long to break up.” The future looked even better the next day. There were no more voids to fill. And hope… was thriving.

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