The tale of the prawn curry at Anju Coco, Havelock Island

The day hangry little Berty Bubblehood bumped into the guy she loved, she knew this was not it. She looked at him and thought, “This is not the guy I dreamed about.” Fair enough. He wasn’t as tall. He didn’t have the perfect set of teeth. He didn’t have an enchanting smile. No. Nah. NEVER. This was not it, she thought again. But then he ordered a portion of a rich prawn curry, thick with spices and flavours. He offered her the first bite. She rolled her eyes at him and thought, “Thanks for the food but no thanks.” She politely took the first bite, only because of how tempting it looked, and how hungry she had been. She made a pocket with the naan flatbread as the butter dribbled down its surface and scooped some prawns into it. The juices from the prawns gushed out as she bit hungrily into them. And just like that, her mouth watered for more. He smiled. And she looked at his smile again, now with a different lens. It was the lens of happiness. Suddenly she knew—he… was definitely the one. It was love at first bite.

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