The tale of the pop-zel @starbucksindia @starbucks

Pure. Unadulterated. Irresistible. Whimsical. These were some of the ridiculous words that described their love. The same words that every love story had used over and over again to create a false hope in young hearts beating relentlessly to find their own fairytale. Little did they know that were being fed a drug—most dangerous but legalised by all authorities across the globe. The drug called love had its own side effects, withdrawal symptoms and a craving that only one person could absolve. Sitting at her uncomfortable seat at Starbucks she thought about the time they met. Muddled in her thoughts she took a bite of the caramel laden popcorn and crunchy pretzels soaking in the milky sweet mixture. It had all started off as a verse straight out of a love poem. There were guitars playing in the background, 4 am conversations, bitter sweet arguments and then, a strong reality check. “It’s me. Not you.” He said. Her straw made a choking noise as the sweet pop-zel came to an end. She made her resolve stronger and deleted the last of their text messages. After all, love had died a long time ago. It was the idea of love that still lived. But she wasn’t going to let it fool her again.

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