The tale of the pimms cocktail @tajlandsend

She was gifted. And he knew that. But he was a man. He would make her work hard to link her arm into his. Of course, otherwise what would she think? That she’s too good for him? Oh no! Even the idea was preposterous. So every day he diminished her gift, little by little. He poked her cute little negligible tummy and said, “You could give Yoko zuna some competition.” She punched him playfully but minded his words with care. And strapped an invisible tape to her mouth. Her stomach paid the price of love. But she was ok to sacrifice if for him. After all, he loved her and she loved him. And that’s all that mattered. But even though the fat melted off her body, her nickname stuck to it: Fatty! She smiled and thought, he loves me much. Until life gave her a solid punch. She went down the road to run an errand. Instead, she ran into him. An arm was intertwined with his as he walked down, oblivious to her presence. And she stopped. Her mind was a maze of the darkest thoughts. But she chose the route that led to comfort. She decided to abstain from never abstaining again. And took the first sip of liberty. It was her favourite Pimms cocktail, the one that marked the beginning of a new life.

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