The tale of the Pimento Pizza @quattroristorante

We’re constantly rooting for the good in the world. We’re admonishing the evil. We’re searching for a god-fearing heart. We’re running away from its dark interiors. We’re holding onto to hope. We don’t know how long we can cope. But our heart is in the right place, betting on the saint, while the sinner grows lonelier. Bitterness seeps right within, hate makes its home more cosier. We’re longing for sunny days and cursing the gloomy ones. But what makes our mornings brighter, is the thick blanket of darkness that was suffocating our lungs. Good can’t exist without evil. Nor evil without good. So let’s root for the evil this time. Watch it feel loved, and transform into something fine. There’s good in every sin. There’s sin in everything good. Whether it is a slice of sinful cheese sprinkled with toppings that gladden your soul or a mind that plots a downfall but has a heart of gold.

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