The tale of the Nutella Sea Salt cookies @sweetishhousemafia

“Look at her phone.” One of them whispered. Her sharp ears caught the words spoken behind the protection of a palm, said right into the ear that was meant to hear it. She looked at them as they giggled uncontrollably. And then one of them said directly to her, “hey that’s a good phone. My dad just gifted it to my maid.” She smiled at her friend and hid the purple and pink Nokia in her bag. Shamefaced and determined, that day, she made a resolution. One that only she knew about. 7 years passed. And she found herself meeting her bullies, once again. As they stood at the dessert counter, looking at the multiple choices at hand. She looked down at her phone. It was an iPhone 7. She put it on the counter with some amount of pride and a whole lot of confidence. She heard her bully ask her, “so what do you plan to takeaway?” She pointed at the Nutella sea salt cookies and said with a wink, “I take everything with a pinch of salt.” She laughed to herself as the girls stood there muddled in confusion. And with that, she ticked another box on her bucket list.

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