The tale of the Norwegian Smoked Salmon @bigsamsseafood

Being a lawyer was no joke. He spent hours trudging over small matters, making them big. He spent nights burning the midnight oil, one that burned well into the afternoons as well. And as he toiled through the fields of ambition, a little seed of doubt was planted in his wife’s mind. She raised an eyebrow every time he texted that he was running late. She peeped into his mobile screen every time it blinked. One fine day, she reached his chamber late into the night. She saw his junior council, a girl pretty as a picture working with him. He glanced in her direction and a look of confusion came about his face. She said, “I’ve got you dinner.” He smiled and hugged her tight, introducing her to his colleague. And as they sat down to eat, he invited the girl to dine with them. Thick meaty slices of Norwegian smokey salmons made their way to the fore in a rich slow cooked onion and tomato gravy. They bit into it, forgetting the world until the girl said, “Ma’am, this is the best fish I’ve ever eaten. And I’m not just saying this. Sir is very lucky to have such food every day.” He looked at her lovingly and said, “I am.” She smiled back at him, breathed a sigh of relief and thought—there were many fish in the sea, but her’s was the best.

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