The tale of the Norwegian Salmon Fillet by @bigsamsseafood

It was 7:30pm. She scrambled to lay down the dinner on the dining table: A beauteous pan seared Norwegian Salmon fillet topped with spices on a bed of greens and a rainbow of salad together with some thick mayonnaise. Just how he liked it. Once this was done, she breathed a sigh of relief and left the rest to God. The rains lashed onto the window panes hypnotising her as they did so. She watched the droplets strike the glass and then roll down gently. The tears on her face imitated the droplets every time he struck her. A shiver would run down her spine when the clock struck 8 as she slaved in the kitchen to cook up a lavish meal. And every time, he dismissed her hard work by saying it wasn’t good enough. The mesmerising droplets continued to roll down the window pane as she found herself break out of their spell. And as she did that, she broke out of his spell too. She decided to leave.

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