The tale of the Nasi Goreng @lemonleafmumbai

Bottom line: She was guilty. And this time, there was nobody to play the blame game with. It was all on her. If only she hadn’t lost her temper. If only she had been patient. If only… She walked aimlessly on the road, dreaming up alternate realities; wishing she had done this and said that. But what was done, was done. She had to find her brother now. And as she focused her mind towards being productive, she found her feet take her to his favourite place—lemon leaf. His voice rang in her head, “Feast on your sorrow for a better tomorrow.” She entered to find him sitting there, back facing her, doing just that. She could smell the aroma of his favourite flavoursome Nasi Goreng. The cutlery made a screeching sound that annoyed her back home but was music to her ears today. Relieved, she sat opposite him and said, “I’m sorry. Please come back home.” He looked at her with a mischievous smile and laughed, “Did you actually think I won’t come home over a fight for the television remote? I just had to make you feel guilty.” She looked at him angrily and snatched the plate. He instantly stole a prawn cracker and broke into a laughter fit.

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