The tale of the Mongolian Pot Rice @5spiceofficial

What is the fate of fame? It took her 17 years to know. Maneka Singh, was a legend in family law. ‘Was’ being the key word. Today, she was a nobody. Today, she didn’t have a trail of interns following her around. Today, her chamber was empty. Arrogant and ignorant, she forgot the first trick of the trade—everything comes at a price. She went through the judgement and gritted her teeth. This was the last nail in the coffin. Trudging her way, muddled in thoughts, she made her way to a place that took her back in time. She remembered how her baby relished this place. Without sparing a glance at the menu, she called for her daughter’s favourite Mongolian Pot Rice. She smiled when she saw the large portion. It was enough for 4 but together they always wiped it clean (over a couple of days). She dug into the succulent chicken and the plump rice grains drenched in a thick soya gravy, leaving behind the broccoli out of habit for her baby. But she never came. She had gone down fighting with her husband only to uphold her ego. She gave her life to the law of the land. The same law took her daughter away from her. Maneka Singh was a legend. But today, she was just a mother.

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