The tale of the mojito @summerhousecafemumbai

It was a bright, sunny day with a chance of rain. She looked at her phone, smiling hopelessly. There was a congregation of butterflies in her stomach as she sat there, dangling her feet in excitement on the high chairs. Her heart thumped as if it was going to spring out any moment. Two mojitos down, she looked at her watch and then her phone. Watch. Phone. Watch. Phone. He was already 20 minutes late. But then, the happy bubble that she was floating in suddenly started becoming flaccid, as he walked in. He looked at her and beamed, and she… she tried to beam back. He looked much taller in the pictures, she thought. The fact was that he was short enough to call her aunty without offending her. But then he spoke, and his words were nothing less than magic. What started off as a charity date, ended up to be the most fun experience she’s ever had. And then, they met again. But this time, it wasn’t the same. Magic?… She thought. No. It was just the mojito(s).

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