The tale of the Mezze Platter @mockingbird_cafe_bar

Written by @the_ink_decoction
Relationships always went a full circle. They began with an emotional wave which drenched you with what one could call madness. Then a realisation that you should get a grip, and love isn’t as mad. Then a little distance that brought about insecurities, then a few fights and finally a bitter or sweet parting. Sometimes this lasted a long time, sometimes it lasted only one night. Whatever it was the cycles were exciting. So many times she had been hurt, but in that hurt there was satisfaction. Today she was at the beginning again, what should she call it? A starter? He sat near her. A new beginning… how long will this last? Perhaps it depends on how much he had to offer. ‘Let’s see what he orders’ she thought. He called for a Mezze platter. As the dish sat near her she saw what was in it : there was pita, lavache, carrot baton sticks served with beetroot hummus and smoked baba ganoush in it. Wow! There was a lot in it. There was a lot to offer. This relationship had begun well. She smiled and took her first bite.

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