The tale of the Margarita: Meat Lovers pizza @broasterchickenindia

Work. Home. Work. Home. Time ticked away and life went on. She went from 22 to 27 in the blink of an eye. And as always, there were no distractions. Her focus always remained where it should have been. On her work. While her colleagues spent lunch breaks doing boy talk, she stared into her screen aimlessly to find complicated work-related answers in her screensavers. But then, one uberPool at a time, all of it changed. Her lips would curve into a shy smile every morning as he sat next to her. What started off as a one-time coincidence, slowly turned into a every day occurrence. She had never guessed that a radio taxi app would play a better matchmaker than her parents. She found herself waiting every morning. Praying to be matched with him. And four days in a week, her prayers were answered. This was too good to be true. Today, as she left ofice wearing the perfume he always complimented her for, he asked her out for dinner. For the first time, she sat across him at a table, being herself. They decided to treat themselves to the meat lovers pizza. And then it arrived. One look at it and she felt deceived. A generous layer of chewy cheese enveloped the bread. The chicken and lamb chunks turned out to be little cubes of sparsely interspersed fried meat. But then, her attention shifted from the pizza to something else. Because with it, arrived her boss—her face as red as her saree. That day, she lost her job. She went back to looking for answers in screensavers. This time the question was: Why me?

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