The tale of the Mango Cheesecake @saltwatercafe

At Matterson & Bois the lights never went out. Because one girl believed in burning the midnight oil. Day. Night. Night. Day. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Weddings. Family dinners. Friends. No friends. Weekends. Weekdays. None of it mattered. The only thing that did—was her goal. The first Brand Partner under 30. That’s what she was going to be. She was addicted to success. Every time she cracked a deal, she felt the adrenaline rush through her veins, her chin raised itself a few centimeters higher and her resolve got a little more tougher. Universally, the three magical words meant “I love you.” But for her, they meant, “Bring it on.” And today, she tasted success yet again, as she stepped into her cabin. It read: Friyana Batliwala, Brand Partner. Today, she went down in history. As she cut her Mango Cheesecake with her mama and dada celebrating her much awaited success, she smiled as their wrinkled hands applauded her, not once complaining about how much they missed her. The soft, creamy treat melted in her mouth and the mango purée went straight to her heart as she delighted in the sweet fruits of her labour. Her parents were proud. So was she. Suddenly, the dream broke as she heard a loud fire cracker burst in the vicinity. “What was that?” said dada in a worried voice. Just then, the crackers burst again. But this time the noise was accompanied by the sound of people screaming and running. Panic stricken, she looked at her parents and their trembling hands. This day… it sure did go down in history. Because it was on this day that birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family dinners, friends, weekdays, weekends… everything started mattering. As for Matterson & Bois—they brainwashed another mule into burning the midnight oil.

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