The tale of the live pasta counter @amadeus_mumbai

“Look up at the sky and the stars will tell you your story.” When I first told her this, she laughed. And when she did, I smiled. “Believe in the universe. It’s got a plan for you,” I continued. She laughed louder this time, holding back a tear. She was a strong girl, I knew. But I also knew she had been wishing for a while.
Sizzle. Crackle. Fizzle. The pasta simmered in the heat of the dancing fire, slowly cooking it to perfection. Lost in the enchanting flames working their magic, I found myself thinking of this day two years ago. I believed in the universe. More than ever today. Her wish came true as she walked down the aisle. She had become a believer too. And I was at peace with the mystic workings of the world.

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