The tale of the @lindt_chocolate

He tore away from his family with just one wish reverberating through his mind. Let their stomachs be full and their hearts be strong. And after spending 48 hours in the trains, he set a foot in the city of Bombay. There were drinking water fountains, a sea of people and of course, a neck-craning skyline. His jaw dropped as he tried to take in the scene, one deep breath at a time. The thought of his childhood, stung him as he looked around. He had never imagined to have access to this much water before. Back in the village, he had to walk miles before he could pull out a bucket of water from the well. And his house was nothing but four brick walls with a tarpaulin roof shared between 9 siblings and his parents. Their memories brought tears in his eyes. He was so far away from them. And… he was alone. His feet trudged on heavily as he longingly looked at the serpentine train, getting prepped to go back to his village. And as it left the platform, a part of his heart left with it. Muddled in his thoughts, he finally found his way through the busy streets and rude people to reach his new house. With just a nervous step inside, he felt his teeth shiver and chatter. There was a murmur. And three kids came pelting out from a room to greet him. Their mother followed them out and saw him looking down at the floor in confusion. The introductions didn’t happen with an exchange of names—they happened with an exchange of sweets. He gave them his mother’s laddoos. They gave him their chocolates. It was the first time he tasted the silky textures of the benign sweet. Little did he know that it marked the day he gained another family.

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