The tale of the hummus @grandmamascafe

It’s show time. She’s got a weird ache in her thigh. She walks up to the restaurant. It never goes wrong. On reaching the entrance, she stands there. And waits. Tick. Tock. Here comes the rock. BAM! It hits her right in the forehead this time. She falls. SCREEEECH! A car stops. Panic takes over. She looks up and sees it’s an Audi A3. Score. She winks at the rock thrower across the road. The concerned driver gets off. She fakes a tear. She says, “I’m hungry, Sir. It’s ok if you hurt me. Please just give me food.” This is the point where guilt takes over him. She orders a meal and a half. Starting from her favourite—the hummus. She devours most of it; packs the rest in a doggy bag. And nobody sleeps hungry that night. After all, beggars can be choosers.

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