The tale of the Greek Yogurt

For one last time, she picked up the creamy jalapeño greek yogurt and dug in. The barley puffs dipped into the folds of the yogurt, blending themselves inconspicuously. One bite and the crunchy puffs cracked in the mouth and the thick, spicy yogurt went to a happy place somewhere in her body, reaching out to her heart. She was perfect. Every inch of her radiated with beauty. Besides having to thank her genes, she also thanked her taste buds for delighting in all the low-fat, high-fibre, gluten-free delicacies of the world. While she knew that she was the epitome of perfection, he knew that too. And that was the problem. It was like going for a job interview and being let down because you are over-qualified. “You’re not fat. Just healthy. How does it matter? I love you.” She repeated over and over again. But every time they walked together, she saw him squirm. They laughed at him and gawked at her. Teased him. Admired her. Shamed him. Worshipped her. He had lost his confidence. But she had lost her heart. Today, she was going to change that. This was the last time she was going to eat healthy. It was the price to pay for being happy.

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