The tale of the Gold Cappuccino @coffeebydibella

Her little feet dangled in the air as she sat on the chair. Her chin rested on the table and her puppy eyes looked up to see her mother busy on her phone. “Mamma, where did papa go?” The puppy eyes were filled with an unblinking sadness as they waited for a reaction to the question. The mother smiled beautifully and said, “Papa has gone to protect us.”
The puppy eyes now widened with surprise as a sudden realisation dawned upon her, “Papa is God?” The mother laughed and took her daughter in her arms, cradling her. “No, but he’s very strong. That’s why God has asked him to protect us.” The girl hugged her mother tight and said, “I miss his mickey mouse dosas. He used to make them every morning for me.” She looked out of the window as her eyes welled up. Just then, her mother pulled a cup of coffee towards them. It was a Gold Cappuccino with a milky teddy bear floating on it and a magical gold powder dusted on its surface. The little girl looked at the coffee, half laughed, half cried and hugged her mother a little bit tighter.

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