The tale of the @godiva chocolate bars

Tale teller: @the_ink_decoction

Things had gone wrong. Not just wrong, horribly wrong. She found work lying on the table that had to be done. Yes, the one that was supposed to be submitted today. Yes, the one she had forgotten about. No, not the simple one, the tough one. No, not the one you usually do, the one that was supposed to decide her career. Her mind felt dishevelled, diffused and abused. Her boss came stumbling into her mind laughing the most evil laughter. He had a long moustache like Ravana and he was surely going to eat her for lunch. What should she do? Her mind scowled and her stomach growled. She looked around and suddenly out of nowhere, a long bar of Godiva chocolate emerged from the deep abyss of her desk, embedded with almonds. She looked inside and another one with pistachios popped out. Yes, she had forgotten about these too. She opened both, bit into them like it was an addiction she couldn’t resist. The soft, silky, almost molten chocolate bars smeared her lips and fingers. And with every bite, her nerves felt calmer. When they were over she looked at the file and thought: “A bar of chocolate had immense powers. It made her work look like a piece of cake”.

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