The tale of the Fettuccini Al Funghi @shakespeareandco

She was a poet. She thought in verses and spoke in rhymes. She lived to laugh and often laughed at life. And when they came to her to clear their heads and speak about their lives, she sat, smiled and heard. Because people had forgotten the art of hearing, smelling, tasting… feeling. So she decided to take her therapy sessions outside the clinic; to show people that being alive was nothing less than magical. This Monday morning, she fixed her first appointment at the colossal Dubai mall. There was something relaxing about being in a mall on the most stressful day of the week. She made her way to a cosy corner in the bustling interiors of the mall. Shakespeare and Co. read the sign. She placed her order and continued looking around. A sense of peace filled her mind. And then, the plate of the Fettuccini Al Funghi presented itself, its steaming mushrooms and melting cheese waiting to be devoured. The cubes of juicy chicken dipped in a creamy sauce demanded her attention. This was the good life, she thought. The Shakespearean chairs and tables strewn around the place made her feel like she was in a Victorian novel. She smiled looking around and savoured the plump cherry tomato on the pasta. She had successfully helped her first patient—herself. After all, sometimes… even therapists needed therapy.

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